Specializing in Drone Surveillance and Law Enforcement

DRONEX is an Australia owned drone manufacturer and a drone solution provider. DRONEX’s drones have the best of both worlds: meeting data security requirements by the U.S. government (NDAA compliance) and having features head and shoulder above the current competition.

  • Inspection & Mapping
  • Tethered Application
  • Search and Rescure
  • Defence
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Fly Smart.

Turn The Impossible To Possible


The Most Portable

Can fit in a backpack with battery and camera included.


The Heaviest Lifter

Can lift 33 pounds/15 kg, 10x as much as other drones of the same size.


The Most Payload Mounts

Can mount 4 gimbaled payloads simultaneously.


The Best Visibility

Have 360-degree field of view for every payload bay.


Top Flight Time

Fly for 45 minutes carrying a payload of 5.5 pounds/2.5 kg.


NDAA Compliance

Meet data security requirements by the U.S. government.

The Very Best Drone Ever Made

Every user longs for a drone that is as small as possible, can lift as much as possible, can carry as many payloads as possible, can see all around as well as possible, can ensure data security as transparently as possible, can save operational costs as muchs as possible and can generate an ROI as high as posible.
With DroneX the wait was over.