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Long-range Smart Drone for Agriculture


Whether you’re a grower, crop consultant, or large enterprise, DroneX’s drone-based agriculture solution--including drones, sensors, and SmartAnalytics Agriculture--will empower you to make more effective and efficient farming decisions.

Existing crop scouting processes are time- and resource-intensive, as well as error-prone. It takes upwards of 11 hours to walk an acre of crops. And sampling small portions of the fields from the seat of your tractor or roof of your truck is just that—a sample.

With their bird’s eye view and advanced sensors, a drone can gather data on 500 to 1,000 acres in less than a day.

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Using DroneX’s agriculture solution, featuring SmartAnalytics Agriculture, farming professionals can:

  • Count and size plants

  • Measure plant health, quantitatively

  • Generate prescription maps

  • Optimize the zonal efficiency of fields

  • Detect early indicators of plant stressors

  • Assess livestock health and weight gain

  • Identify damaged fencing

  • Assess storm damage

  • Calculate grove maturity

  • Determine optimal foraging areas