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Drone For Surveillance and Law Enforcement

DRONEX is an Australia owned drone manufacturer and a drone solution provider. DRONEX’s drones have the best of both worlds: meeting data security requirements by the U.S. government (NDAA compliance) and having features head and shoulder above the current competition.

DRONEX has an R&D team of top notch engineers including: composite specialists, aerospace engineers, mechanical engineers, electronics engineers, firmware engineers, software engineers, and AI engineers.

DRONEX designs and manufactures its drones in-house including airframes, electronics, payloads, ground control stations, batteries, chargers, control firmware and analytical software.

If you are looking for the very best drone in the world or a drone solution, We are here to serve.

DroneX team

We're about Quality and Trust.

Best Versatility

A Swiss Army knife drone, serving all needs from portability to heavy payloads.

Highest Productivity

Improve operational productivity by at least 100%. Increase ROI by at least 200%.

Lowest Operational Costs

Fly for 45 minutes carrying a payload of 5.5 pounds/2.5 kg. Reduce operational costs by at least 100%.